BMW 850CSi

With elegance in its design and avant-garde luxury in its aesthetic, the BMW 850CSi represents a small chunk of the glowing history of the BMW 8 Series.

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With power and performance that were too much for the road, though speed that couldn’t win on the track, this strange yet beautiful BMW was caught in the middle of a rock and a hard place. 

A Strange and Brief History of the BMW 850CSi

The BMW 850csi was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 1991. The “CSi” was meant to denoted “Coupe Sport Injection” as a way to better explain the overall design of the car, an acronym that was first used on the E9 3.0 back in 1971. It was the only car in the series to offer the S70 engine. 

The BMW 850CSi at a Glance

Though the car hasn’t been in production for many years, its power was quite something at the time. This 8-Series coupe was powered by an S70 V-12 engine that was motorsport-tuned. This unique engine helped to separate it from other vehicles in the 8 Series. It utilized a six-speed manual Getrag Type E gearbox and frontside MacPherson struts with a multi-link system for the chassis.  

A Fleeting Timeline of the BMW 850CSi

The BMW 850CSi was only in production for three-and-a-half years before it was discontinued in 1997, as the S70 engine was not able to be modified to fit modern emissions regulations. There weren’t any major mechanical changes during those years, though there were a few small upgrades that came with time and affected most all of the cars in the 8 Series. BMW added ABS braking, a high-quality audio system, and an upgraded door locking system.

The springs and dampers were made stiffer than the regular 850i to help reduce the overall height of the car. The front and rear bumpers were also given a more aggressive shape to provide better aerodynamics. At the end of its time in production, it came with Bosch Motronic 1.7 fuel injection and 375 horsepower.

The BMW 850csi in the News

Chris Harris just recently sold his BMW 850CSi, which was part of his Youngtimer Collection, for almost $200,000, which is far more than a brand new M8 would cost you. With only 11,000 miles on the odometer, this car is pretty clean. See more of the cars in Chris Harris’ extensive collection in the video below:

Celebrity Endorsements of the BMW 850csi

As such a rare specimen, there aren’t many celebrity owners of the BMW 850CSi who are showing their faces. If you consider him to be a celebrity, you might be interested to find out that the Sultan of Brunei recently put his 850CSi up for sale!

Best BMW 850CSi Groups

While there aren’t any major groups specific to the 850CSi, there are many BMW classics groups with tons of 8 Series owners all over the world. We recommend checking out the BMW website to find more information on these clubs and their locations.

The BMW 850CSi – a State of the Art 8-Series

As the finest machine in the early 1990s of BMW, the 850CSi certainly has its place in automobile history. With extraordinary V-12 power and a sophisticated design, it helped to bring together luxury in performance in a rare work of art.