Chevy Pickup

For over 100 years, Chevy has been manufacturing some of the top pickup trucks in America, if not the world.

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With over 85 million trucks made in the past century, they have quite a track record. With a rich history and many new pickups on the way, it only makes sense to explore this one-of-a-kind vehicle: the Chevy Pickup.

A History of the Chevy Pickup

The history of the Chevy Pickup can be traced back to 1913, when the company released the Classic Six. This breakthrough vehicle was unfortunately not as popular as the Ford Model T, so Chevy had to come up with a lower-priced, consumer-friendly vehicle to compete. It was in 1918 that the first Chevrolet truck became available for purchase.

Technology and Innovations of the Chevy Pickup – the All-American Pickup

One of the most popular Chevy pickup trucks at the moment is the 2019 Chevy Silverado. With a best-in-class V8 engine and an available Duramax 3.0L turbo-diesel engine, this truck is meant to work. The beauty is, it gets 23mpg city and 33 highway. It comes with eight different trim options, a handy drive mode selector, and a Z71 package for off-roading. It’s a pickup truck built for adventure.

A Timeline of the Chevy Pickup

Chevrolet Pickup Truck
  • Chevy Pickup (1920s-1930s)

While the 1918 Chevy Model 490 was the first true Chevy truck, they didn’t actually start producing pickups until about 1931. The 1931 Independence series had a commercial chassis and a pickup box, as well as a Stovebolt six engine.

  • Chevy Pickup (1940s-1950s)

Chevy stopped producing pickups throughout the early 1940s because of WWII, though they eventually released their “Advance Design” trucks in 1947. These trucks came with a five-bar horizontal grille, an in-dash radio, corner windows, and an engine with 90 horsepower. 

The Task Force pickups emerged in the mid-1950s with the very first wraparound windshields, egg-crate grille, and overhead valve V8 engines. 

  • Chevy Pickup (1960s-1970s)

Chevy introduced the C/K line of pickups in the 1960s, which were half-ton, light-duty trucks with a variety of different body styles available, as well as eight different engine options. These had been dubbed “luxury trucks” compared to the Ford workhorses. By the early 1970s, the “rounded-line” generation was released. The Chevy C30 was the first dual rear wheel pickup in the industry with a Crew Cab. 

  • Chevy Pickup (1980s-1990s)

The S10 was released in 1982, as more Americans were searching for a compact pickup truck. This “light utility vehicle” was available in both regular- and extended-cab styles with an array of engine options. By the early 1990s, Chevy had released another variety of S10 packages including the ZR2, which was a short-bed style perfect for off-road performance. 

  • Chevy Pickup (2000s-2010s)

As the new millennium rolled around, Chevy began introducing a variety of pickups with different, special qualities. These pickup trucks include the Avalanche, Silverado, and Colorado. From powerful turbo-diesel engines for commercial work to V-8 engines for speed, as well as hybrid engines that lasted for a few years, it seems that Chevy has done it all.

The Chevy Pickup in the News

As shown in the video above, the Chevy Silverado has just recently made a spot on the list for the 20 most stolen cars in the United States.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Chevy Pickup

Not all celebrities drive expensive European sports cars. Many have opted for more down-to-earth vehicles. Some of these celebrities include Channing Tatum, who drives a 1957 Chevy 3100 Pickup and Glen Plake, who drives a 1986 Chevy C30. 

Best Chevy Pickup Groups

One of the top Chevy clubs is Chevy Club of North America. Founded in 1992, this club is there to serve all of the interests of Chevy pickup truck owners, as well as owners of other Chevy vehicles. 

The Chevy Pickup – True American Power

From their small and humble beginnings, Chevy has soared above and beyond in the world of pickup trucks. Since producing their very first automobile in 1913, they now have 100 years of automobile experience. We can’t wait to see what technology they have in store for the future.