Ford Bronco

There aren’t many vehicles out there that can achieve legacy status in the span of 30 years.

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The Ford Bronco did just that. As we prepare ourselves for the introduction of the brand new 2021 Bronco, it only makes sense that we talk about the legend that was. 

A History of the Ford Bronco

The original Bronco was put in production to compete with the Jeep CJ as an off-road vehicle. We can thank Donald Frey and Lee Lacocca, the two great minds behind this truck, for introducing the first Bronco in three forms: the station wagon, the half-cab, and the roadster. 

Technology and Innovations of the Ford Bronco

The last iteration of the Ford Bronco was labeled as a full-size SUV. It utilized an F4 layout, a three-door station wagon design, and the choice between a four-speed Borg Warner T-18 manual or three-speed C6 automatic transmission. 

A Timeline of the Ford Bronco
  • First Generation Ford Bronco (1966-1977)

The first generation featured a roadster, half-cab, and station wagon design, though the station wagon eventually took off as the main Bronco body. It had a rugged interior and a load of additional accessories, including a posthole digger and snowplow. 

  • Second Generation Ford Bronco (1978-1979)

The second generation Bronco utilized a larger body with a removable hardtop. The lowering rear window was added, allowing the tailgate to fold out just like a pickup truck.

  • Third Generation Ford Bronco (1980-1986)

The third generation Bronco was much smaller and lighter than the second and came with the option of a six-cylinder engine as an alternative to the V-8. This generation utilized an F-150 base and independent front suspension.

  • Fourth Generation Ford Bronco (1984-1990)

The Bronco II was introduced during the fourth generation as a smaller-proportioned SUV. Safety features were also added, including rear anti-lock brakes. The Eddie Bauer trim package was introduced, which included cloth bucket seat and wood burl trim.

  • Fifth Generation Ford Bronco (1992-1996)

The Fifth Generation Ford Bronco used a removable hardtop that was actually illegal, though many people still made use of it. It was finally discontinued in late 1996.

The Ford Bronco in the News

In recent Bronco news, Ford is set to bring back the Bronco in 2020 alongside an all-electric crossover Mustang. We have yet to hear any specific details about the vehicle. Check out the video below to see the information we have so far!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Ford Bronco

While we wouldn’t call it much of an “endorsement” per se, one of the most famous celebrity owners of the Ford Bronco was O.J. Simpson, who used his Bronco to lead cops on one of the biggest highway chases in history, effectively boosting Bronco sales during the time.

Best Ford Bronco Groups

Want to share your love for this one-of-a-kind, rugged SUV? Head on over to Bronco Graveyard and check out the long list of Bronco clubs across the country!

The Ford Bronco – the Adventurer’s SUV

The Ford Bronco is the car for the rugged drivers of the world. The question is, “has enough time passed to where the upcoming Bronco will see success? We’ll have to wait to find out!