Honda Civic

Honda has long been known for their affordable and reliable vehicles, though most people have no idea where that reputation was created.

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Many will argue that it came about with the invention of one of their most popular models: the Honda Civic.

A History of the Honda Civic

The idea of the Honda Civic stemmed from the 1973 oil crisis, as many Americans were done with their gas-guzzling muscle cars. Honda had it in their sights to create a car that was both efficient and practical to drive on the roads. It was a truly serendipitous moment for this legendary car manufacturer.

Technology and Innovations of the Honda Civic – the Fun and Practical Vehicle

The modern Honda Civic is available in both a two-door coupe and four-door sedan design, as well as a hatchback. It can be purchased with a four-cylinder engine and a continuously variable automatic transmission or six-speed manual. It comes with a turbocharged engine that gets an average of 37 mpg, a high-tech infotainment system, and a variety of safety features for driver assistance.

A Timeline of the Honda Civic

Old Honda Civic
  • Honda Civic First Generation (1973-1979)

The first-generation Honda Civic was one of the first fuel-efficient vehicles to come about after the 1973 oil crisis. This subcompact vehicle came in three models: a coupe, a hatchback, and a station wagon.

  • Honda Civic Second Generation (1980-1983)

The second-generation Honda Civic saw a larger redesign and four-door sedan design. The company introduced a special fuel economy trim to help boost overall mileage.

  • Honda Civic Third Generation (1984-1987)

The third-generation Honda Civic got even bigger and saw the introduction of the fastback coupe. Si models were released for those seeking better performance, too.

  • Honda Civic Fourth Generation (1988-1991)

The fourth generation saw some serious modifications, including double-wishbone suspension and upgraded tuners for better handling. The size was increased as well. This was the very last two-seat CRX model generation. 

  • Honda Civic Fifth Generation (1992-1995)

The fifth generation was the first model with standard airbags and anti-lock brakes. Honda introduced a new four-seat coupe body style during these years, as well as variable-valve timing VTEC engines.

  • Honda Civic Sixth Generation (1996-2000)

Though this generation did not change much in terms of styling, it was the year that Honda introduced a natural-gas-powered version.

  • Honda Civic Seventh Generation (2001-2005)

The double-wishbone front suspension was changed to McPherson struts to help bring more interior space to the seventh generation. This generation saw the very first Honda Civic Hybrid.

  • Honda Civic Eighth Generation (2006-2011)

The 2006 model was named the “North American Car of the Year” with Hybrid, Natural Gas, and Si models. The driving dynamics were upgraded in the coupe and sedan options.

  • Honda Civic Ninth Generation (2012-2016)

The ninth-generation Honda Civic saw an array of technological upgrades, including Pandora Internet radio, Bluetooth capability, rearview cameras, and more. 

  • Honda Civic Tenth Generation (2016-Present)

The tenth-generation Honda Civic comes complete with a newly designed, turbocharged engine and an aggressive styling format that gives the car a sportier look.

The Honda Civic in the News

Over 200,000 Louisiana residents are having their cars recalled for defective airbags. One of those cars is the 2001-2002 Honda Civic, as well as an array of other Honda, Acura, and Ford vehicles. Watch the video for more details:

Celebrity Endorsements of the Honda Civic

While there are a variety of celebrities that own Hondas, we have yet to see any who specifically endorse the Civic.

Honda Civic Groups

There are many great Honda Civic groups around the internet, one of our favorite forum-based groups being Honda Civic Forum.

The Honda Civic – a Car for the People

With fuel economy in mind and practicality in the driver’s seat, the Honda Civic is one of the best cars around for the daily commuter. There is no doubt that this long-standing vehicle will be around for generations to come.