Tata Nano

As one of the leading motor companies in India, the heads of Tata have always been looking for ways to make better vehicles.

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It wasn’t until they had the idea to create the “world’s cheapest car” that the Nano came around. From its inception in 2009 to its demise almost ten years later, it made quite an impact in the Indian auto market. 

The Story of the Tata Nano

Prior to the introduction of the Nano, the cheapest car on the Indian market was the Suzuki Maruti-800. For India, this middle-class car was the antithesis of used car market growth. When the Nano was introduced for lower-class citizens in 2009, used car sales dropped by almost 30%. The car eventually died in 2018 with only one unit ever made.

Technical Specifications of the Tata Nano

The last iteration of the Tata Nano was available in both four-door and five-door hatchback designs, each with rear-wheel-drive. It used a long list of cost-cutting features, including one windscreen wiper instead of the standard pair, three lug nuts per wheel, optional radio and CD player, zero airbags, and no external fuel filler cap, among many other things. 

A Rock-Bottom Timeline of the Tato Nano

  • First Generation Tato Nano (2009-2014)

The first generation Tato Nano utilized a two-cylinder 624 cc engine that was mounted on the backside of the car, creating 38 metric horsepower. It utilized a Bosch Motronic engine control unit, a trunk that was only accessible from the inside of the car, and no base steering.

  • Second Generation Tato Nano (2015-2018)

By 2015, the company started to make some major changes to the vehicle. The vehicle received a full hatchback design with an outside trunk handle in 2015, power steering and front door power windows on higher variants, and passenger side ORVM.

The Tata Nano in the News

As one of the craziest and coolest things we may have ever seen in automobile news, a young 24-year-old from Simari village in Baniyapur named Mithilesh recently turned his Tata Nano into a helicopter. Though it does not actually fly, it does have some standard helicopter features, such as a series of rotors throughout the body.

See the Tata helicopter in action below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Tata Nano

As one of the cheapest cars in the world, you wouldn’t expect any celebrities to want to take ownership of it. Leave it to the biggest celebrity car collector, Jay Leno, to get one for his garage.

Best Tata Nano Groups

Though we have not been able to find any Tata groups or clubs that are specific to the Nano, we have been able to find a Tata Motors Club with owners and enthusiasts from the United Kingdom.

The Tata Nano – the World’s Cheapest Automobile

As of 2018, we were forced to say goodbye to the world’s cheapest car. It was a sad day for Tata, though we are happy knowing that they have plenty of plans and ideas sitting on the horizon. The Nano has rewritten history for affordable cars, and we honestly cannot wait to see what they do next.