Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla Model 3

We seem to be at a major fulcrum point in automobile history, as electric cars slowly start to dominate the industry.

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With more and more Tesla Model 3s hitting the streets, the takeover of this electric vehicle seems imminent.

There is no other vehicle that is able to combine the feeling of luxury and practicality quite like the Tesla Model 3, which is precisely the reason we want to hop in and talk about all of its wonder. 

A History of the Tesla Model 3 

The idea of the Tesla Model 3 had long been marinating in the brain of auto-wizard Elon Musk. In 2006, Musk announced the Model 3, saying that it would be the new, affordable family car of the future. In 2013, production began with the company intending to produce 400,000 cars per year. 

After creating and showcasing two Alpha prototypes in April of 2016, they finally finished the design in July. Due to missed delivery targets and prolonged testing periods, the car was not released to the public until July 28, 2017. In that year, they only delivered 1,542 cars.

Technology and Innovations of the Tesla Model 3 – a Feat in Electricity

A Timeline of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3
  • First Generation Tesla Model 3 (2017-Present)

Tesla first announced a base Model 3 with a 50-kWh battery back in 2017, giving the car a 220-mile range. There was also an optional 75-kWh battery that provided a range of 310 miles. Each higher kWh battery carried more cells and was heavier than the one before. 

In 2018, they began producing a 2170 cell battery that was lighter and cheaper to produce. This new cell production led the Tesla 3 to the Gigafactory 1 testing facility to help improve battery costs.

The first major update came in 2018, when Tesla updated the regenerative braking thanks to a software update.

The Tesla Model 3 in the News

Tesla just recently received a cease and desist letter from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for referring to their Model 3 as the “safest car in existence”. They claim that Elon Musk made misleading statements about the safety rating of the vehicle in October of 2018.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Tesla Model 3

Because it is fairly new, we are not currently seeing any celebrities flaunting their Model 3 Teslas. However, there are a ton of celebrities that own other Tesla Models, such as the Model S and Roadster. That long list includes Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Demi Moore, and many more. 

Best Tesla Model 3 Groups

Because the car has only been on the road for a few years, there aren’t many specific Tesla Model 3 groups out there. One of the best general Tesla groups is the Tesla Motors Club, which has a forum section for Tesla Model 3 owners specifically. 

The Tesla Model 3 – the Automobile of the Future

With incredible speed, with total luxury and electric peace of mind, the Tesla Model 3 has big plans to be the car of the future. We can only hope that they get their production in order so that we can see this car soar.