Red Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

Known by many as the best-selling vehicle in the world, the Toyota Corolla has a rich history that spans across 12 generations.

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With more than 45 million Toyota Corollas manufactured and sold, it is somewhat of a mystical phenomenon in the automobile industry. It only makes sense that we take you on a journey of this bold and beautiful, everyday car. 

A History of the Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1966 as a “subcompact car” for the Japanese Market. It was exclusive to Toyota’s Japanese dealership known as the Toyota Auto Store. After a few years of soaring popularity, it was exported to the U.S. in 1968. 

Technology and Innovations of the Toyota Corolla

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The 2020 Toyota Corolla comes with updated handling, hybrid performance, and 52 mpg, which is the best the Corolla has ever seen. There are three model derivations, including Hatchback, Saloon, and Touring Sports. Each utilizes a top-tier TNGA platform and a 2.0L self-charging hybrid powertrain.

A Timeline of the Toyota Corolla

  • First Generation Toyota Corolla (1966-1970)

The first-generation Toyota Corolla was introduced in Japan in 1966 as a budget-friendly car. It had a 1.1L engine with McPherson strut front suspension. It did not export to the United States until 1968. 

  • Second Generation Toyota Corolla (1970-1974)

The second-generation Corolla saw an increase in size and power. It came complete with a 1.2L OHV engine with 73 horsepower and an automatic gearbox. We also saw a new grille design in 1971.

  • Third Generation Toyota Corolla (1974-1979)

With five different models and a choice between 1.2 and 1.6L engines, the third generation was the first Corolla for everybody. The liftback Corolla was introduced in 1976.

  • Fourth Generation Toyota Corolla (1979-1983)

The fourth-generation grew in size again with a new spring coil suspension. The car had a 1.8L 75 horsepower engine with either three-speed automatic or four- to five-speed manual. Toyota introduced its 1.6L OH cam engine in 1983. 

  • Fifth Generation Toyota Corolla (1983-1987)

The front-wheel-drive Corolla was first introduced in 1983. A 1.6L engine was added in the SR5 edition, giving the car 90 horsepower. This was also the first generation to introduce the Corolla GT-S.

  • Sixth Generation Toyota Corolla (1987-1991)

The front-wheel-drive coupe replaced the rear-drive coupe and liftback during the sixth generation. The car also grew by one inch in terms of width, and the highest engine specs were 130 horsepower in the Corolla GT-S.

  • Seventh Generation Toyota Corolla (1991-1995)

The seventh-generation only had a front-wheel-drive wagon and sedan designs. It became the first “compact” Corolla with a base 1.6L engine producing 105 horsepower. 

  • Eighth Generation Toyota Corolla (1995-2000)

The eighth-generation Corolla was only offered in sedan form, though the power was upgraded to a base of 120 horsepower thanks to the 1.8L engine.

  • Ninth Generation Toyota Corolla (2000-2007)

The new Corolla was based on the Corolla Altis, carrying the same 1.8L engine with 130 horsepower. You could purchase the car in four-speed automatic or five-speed manual. In 2005, Toyota introduced the sporty XRS version.

  • Tenth Generation Toyota Corolla (2007-2013)

The tenth generation saw a boost in power to 132 horsepower with a height of 158 horsepower in the XRS trim. A five-speed automatic was also available on the XRS, redesigning the Corolla with sport in mind.

  • Eleventh Generation Toyota Corolla (2013-Present)

The eleventh generation utilized a 1.8L engine with 132 horsepower as well, though Toyota also upgraded their cars with new variable transmission as well. 

Toyota Corolla in the News

The FBI has just announced a $10,000 reward for the capture of the ‘Tie Dye Bandit,’ a Florida Bank Robber. Surveillance shows a bank dye pack exploding in the man’s Toyota Corolla. See the video above for more information. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Toyota Corolla

There are many famous Toyota owners, from Mel Gibson to Miley Cyrus, though one famous Corolla owner, in particular, is Sarah Hyland of Modern Family.

Best Toyota Corolla Groups

If you’re looking to talk everything Corolla, we highly recommend checking out the Corolla Forum.

The Toyota Corolla – Dynamic and Dependable

The Toyota Corolla is currently the most driven car in the world. With a rich history and new models to come, we can only expect the popularity of this car to continue to grow.