Fiat Linea

Fiat Linea

When most people think of a typical Fiat car, they imagine the tiny 500c models whisking away on windy, Italian roads.

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Fiat goes far beyond what you would expect, and the Fiat Linea, at one time, was one of the company’s most popular family-friendly compact vehicles. 

History of the Fiat Linea

The Fiat Linea first hit the market back in 2007 when it went into production at the Tofas plant in Turkey. It was based on the Fiat Grande Punto platform and was initially available in two engine choices, the 1.4L Fire gasoline engine and the 1.3L Multijet diesel engine. Throughout the latter part of the 2000s, the car was released in different regions around the world, including Brazil in 2008 and South Africa and India in 2009. Though production ended in 2016 in Turkey, you can still find the car on the Indian market. 

Redefining the Fiat Linea

The 2019 Fiat Linea is only available on the Indian market. Drivers have the choice of a 1.3L diesel Multi-Jet engine or a 1.2L petrol T-Jet engine. It provides a variety of safety features, including the Dual-Stage Front Airbags, FIAT Safety Tech, and Early Crash Sensors. It has tons of control thanks to the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and the Antilock Braking System, as well as some high-quality interior features like the new instrument cluster and dual-tone dashboard.

Keeping a Generation Ahead – a Timeline of the Fiat Linea (2007-2018)

The Fiat Linea was originally launched in 2007 and was primarily made for the Turkish market. When 2008 rolled around, they began producing for the Brazilian market as well, creating a 1.9L 16v Torque engine with 130 horsepower. It could use either petrol or ethanol. 

It was finally released in India in 2009 and was available in both a 1.4L Fire petrol engine and a 1.3L MultiJet engine, though by 2011, the displacement and engines were upgraded for better fuel economy. In India, the four different engine variants are now available in the Active, Dynamic, Emotion, and Emotion Pack models. 

The Fiat Linea in the News

In recent Fiat news, the Indian market will likely discontinue both the Linea, as well as the Punto, within the next year. Much of this has to do with new regulations.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Fiat Linea

As of right now, we have been unable to locate any celebrity owners of the Fiat Linea. With that said, there are a variety of celebrity Fiat owners in general, including Bar Rafaeli, Charlie Sheen, and of course, the great car collector Jay Leno.

Best Fiat Linea Groups

Though it might not be the most exciting car out there, the Fiat Linea has a small Facebook group known as the Fiat Linea Fan Club.

The Fiat Linea – it’s Been a Good Run 

As of right now, the future of the Fiat Linea is looking pretty grim. We’re not sure that it will be around for very much longer due to new Indian regulations. With that said, it has had a pretty good run as one of the few family-friendly Fiat models, and it will be missed dearly.