Honda Odyssey

When it comes to minivans, many consider the Honda Odyssey to be king. 

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Compared to its competitors at Mazda, Dodge, and Nissan, the Honda Odyssey is a slim and surprisingly powerful vehicle with tons of reliability. For those who think the Honda Odyssey is just for soccer moms, we’re here to prove you wrong!

A Look Back at the Honda Odyssey

Honda originally conceived the Odyssey during the early 1990s when Japan was in an economic crisis. This is a large part of the reason why the vehicle ended up so small, as the existing facility in which they were able to manufacture them had serious limitations. The end product was a compact minivan that was perfect for the Japanse market. It wasn’t until 1995 that the vehicle began hitting the streets.

Features and Technology of the Honda Odyssey – Not Your Average Minivan

The 2019 Honda Odyssey features front-wheel-drive with a max capacity of eight people. The 3.5L V-6 engine outputs 280 horsepower, and the MPV comes complete with a nine-speed automatic transmission at the standard level, though drivers can also opt for ten-speed. In terms of top features, the Odyssey has Bluetooth and USB connectivity, CabinWatch and CabinTalk features, and an easy-fold third row.

Over Generations – the Honda Odyssey

  • First Generation Honda Odyssey (1995-1998)

The first-generation Odyssey was Honda’s first minivan. It was based on the platform for the Accord and came with a four-cylinder engine, all wishbone suspension, and a four-cylinder engine. 

  • Second Generation Honda Odyssey (1999-2004)

The second-generation Odyssey was a bit larger than the prior model with rear sliding doors that replaced the hinged ones. It switched to four-wheel independent suspension and a powerful V-6 engine.

  • Third Generation Honda Odyssey (2005-2010)

The third-generation Odyssey was both taller and wider with ACE body engineering and electronic stability control, as well as side-curtain airbags. The third-row “Magic Seat” was changed from a bench to a 60/40 design for more practical folding.

  • Fourth Generation Honda Odyssey (2011-2017)

You guessed it. The fourth generation had an even wider and larger body. The Touring model became available and the company introduced a 12-speaker 650-watt stereo system with navigation features and HID xenon low-beam headlamps. 

  • Fifth Generation Honda Odyssey (2018-Present)

The fifth-generation Odyssey was narrower, though longer. It introduced a variety of high-quality safety systems, including Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning. 

The Honda Odyssey in the News

In recent Odyssey news, the company has just announced a special 2020 version of the minivan that will come with standard ten-speed automatic transmission. Get to know the new MPV below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Honda Odyssey

Though we haven’t been able to find any celebrities that rep the Honda Odyssey in particular, there are a few top-tier celebrities with consumer-friendly Honda vehicles, including Tony Hawk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Best Honda Odyssey Groups

Have questions about your Odyssey or just want to talk about how much you love it with other Odyssey owners? Make sure to check out the Odyssey Owners Club.

The Honda Odyssey – Beyond the Soccer Mom

The Honda Odyssey has been a consistently impressive minivan with smooth handling, modern features, and solid upgrades every generation. With cool innovations like CabinTalk and CabinWatch that graced the 2019 model, we can’t wait to see what they come up with for the future!