Mahindra e-Verito

There was nothing better that the Mahindra auto company could have done on World Environment Day than release their second all-electric vehicle, the Mahindra e-Verito.

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This top-tier electric sedan is the child of one of the most forward-thinking vehicle manufacturers in India and is changing the way that the country thinks of electric vehicles. 

The Birth of the Mahindra e-Verito

The Mahindra company had been around for a while, and so had the original Verito, which was released in 2010. When Mahindra acquired the Reva company, they were able to electrify all of their current Mahindra platforms to move into the new age of automobiles. The e-Verito was first debuted back in 2014 at the Auto Expo in Delhi. By November 2017, the company had delivered their first e-Verito models to the Energy Efficiency Services Limited in order to secure government contracts with the car. 

Electric Innovations of the Mahindra e-Verito

The 2019 e-Verito comes complete with a 72V three-phase AC Induction Motor, sporting 41 bhp and 200 cc displacement. At a full charge, the battery allows the car to travel up to 99.9 kilometers. The vehicle comes with automatic transmission, forward drive train, and ECO/BOOST drive modes. 

The First Generation of the Mahindra e-Verito (2014-Present)

The Mahindra e-Verito is still in its first generation, though they have released a couple of different variants, which we refer to as trims. The standard D2 e-Verito comes with standard steel rims and convenience equipment, though it does not have the infotainment system, keyless entry, or fast charging technology.

At the top of the line, the D6 comes loaded with fast charging, allowing drivers to fully charge the battery in under two hours. It also comes with the modern infotainment system and alloy wheels. 

The Mahindra e-Verito in the News

In recent news, the Mahindra e-Verito just saw a massive price drop. This is primarily because they are looking to enter the private-use market, as the car is mainly used for fleet operations. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Mahindra e-Verito

Unless you consider the Indian army to be celebrity status, we have yet to find any celebrity owners of the Mahindra e-Verito. As time moves forward and the consumer market catches on, we may find a larger variety of Indian celebrities hopping on board the electric vehicle train.

Best Mahindra e-Verito Groups

Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate any clubs or groups that are specific to the Mahindra e-Verito. With that being said, we have found a small Facebook group with a few hundred followers. If you love the e-Verito, we recommend helping this little group grow!

The Mahindra e-Verito – India’s First Electric Sedan

So the big question is, “Who is the e-Verito meant for?”

It’s certainly a far more conventional vehicle than its biggest competitor, the e2o, which may make it better for mainstream electric vehicle drivers. Beyond that, it looks like your standard petrol car. With a low starting price, an easy-to-maintain design, and a variety of family-friendly features, it is the perfect consumer car for a new age of electric drivers.